Weldas 10-2025L Arc Knight Stick Welding Gloves, fully COMFOflex Lined (1 Pair) Large

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The World’s Most Comfortable with style. Weldas has specialized in making products for the welder that are comfortable, practical and durable. Primarily designed and constructed for stick welding (SMAW), but versatile and supple enough to perform different welding and day to day industrial applications. While this glove is one step down from our popular 10-2000 welding gloves, it still includes our scientifically designed COMFOflex lining. Our trademark heat and sweat absorbent air cushioned lining is flame retardant and made to comfort and protect the professional welder. Also patented is Weldas 5-ply Kevlar stitched one piece palm patch. This virtually makes these one of the longest lasting gloves on the market. You may have used a lot of welding gloves, but until you’ve tried Weldas COMFOflex line of welding gloves…. you’re just dead last.

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