Optrel P.AIR N95 Swiss Made Respiratory Mask (50 pack)

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Optrel a Swiss Company is always putting their best foot forward when it comes to safety and they have done so again with the P.AIR N95 mask. Optrel's N95 is swiss made and designed. Optrel's N95 is poised to be the most comfortable N95 in the market! 

The N95 Mask has been critical in the fight against COVID 19. The N95 filters 95% of  Airborne particles and is designed to keep you and others safe.


Optrel's P.AIR NIOSH Approved Swiss Made N95 Respiratory Mask! 

These masks are manufactured with high-quality filter materials, have a comfortable fit, 5 layer design, ear straps for easy use, and a nose clip for the best fit.

INCLUDES: 50 Respiratory Masks 


 MODEL: 4190.010


NIOSH # TC-84A-9237


These are on the CDC (CEL) Certified Equiptment List 



outer layer - spun-bonded fabric 40 g/m2

filter 1 - melt-blown fabric 25 g/m2

filter 2 - melt-blown fabric 25 g/m2

dust filter - PP/Bico fiber 50 g/m2

inner layer - spun-bonded fabric 40 g/m2

elastic band - spandex/polyester

nose clip - plastic