TIG Welding Tungsten Rod Electrodes Rare Earth Blend 3/32” x 7” (Blue)

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10 TIG Tungsten Electrodes Rare Earth Blend 3/32” x 7” 

  • PREMIUM ten (10) pack of EWG rare earth blend tungsten electrode rods for TIG welding
  • HIGHEST rated and most reviewed tungsten electrodes on the internet
  • UNITED STATES based manufacturing and customer service staff are here to help you
  • ELECTRODE Size: 3/32" x 7" or 2.4mm x 175mm consisting of 98.34% Tungsten, 1.5% Lanthanum, 0.08% Zirconium, and 0.08% Yttrium
  • AMERICAN Welding Society standard AWS A5.12M/A5.12:2009 conformance


The innovative Rare Earth Blend purple tungsten electrode contains 98.34% tungsten, 1.5% lanthanum, 0.08% zirconium, and 0.08% yttrium and is the perfect substitute for red thoriated electrodes.