SlashArc CUT40 Plasma Cutter 40 Amp Dual Voltage 115/230v with 20' torch 3 year warranty

$399.99 $549.99

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Introducing the SlashArc SACUT 40 40 Amp Dual Voltage Input 115/230v plasma cutter with a Trafimet CB50 torch. With the SACUT 40 you are getting the best bang for your buck. Inverter technology gives this machine a smooth arc whether you are running on 115v or 230v. With the SACUT 40 you can cut material as thin as 24 gauge and as thick as 3/8". Inside of the SACUT40 you can find an internal moisture separator to help ensure clean/dry air runs through the torch to give you a smooth consistent arc. The SACUT40 consumables are readily available as they are a popular amongst machines today. Backed by SlashArcs 3 year warranty!
This machine uses the same consumables that are found on Eastwoods Versa-cut 40 
  • Rated 40 amp output
  • cuts up to 3/8"
  • 20' torch 10' ground clamp
  • works with 115v and 230v 
  • 3 year warranty