Mild Steel 6011 Welding Electrodes 2lb box

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Inweld 6011
AWS A5.1 E6011
Chemical Composition of Inweld 6011

Fe            C      Cr     Ni     Mo     Mn    Si    P    S      V     Cu

Balance 0.20  0.20  0.30  0.30  1.20  1.00  ---  ---  0.08  ---

Single values are maximum unless otherwise specified.

Description and Applications

All-Position, Multiple-Pass Mild Steel Electrode with a strong arc force and fast solidification of weld metal. Designed to provide the deepest penetrating welds while using small AC welding machines as well as DC types. High Deposition efficiency and non-porous welds even over rusty or oily steel or where there is a problem of poor groove fit-up. Great electrode to use with minimal preparation. Common uses include: many general structures such as car and truck frames, farm implements, tractors, trailer frames, storage tanks, and galvanized steel.

Typical Weld Metal Properties

                              AWS Spec

Tensile Strength:   60,000 psi

Yield Strength:      48,000 psi

Elongation:            22%


Recommended Parameters

SMAW (DCEP – Electrode+)

Wire Diameter     Flat Amperage     Vertical & Overhead amps 

3/32”                       50-80                            40-70

1/8”                         70-110                          60-100

5/32”                       110-160                        90-140