Lincoln Mig Welding Gun Liner KP1937-3 Magnum 100 L

SKU: 35-40-15

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High Quality NEW replacement liner which is interchangeable with Lincoln's Part # KP1937-3. This liner fits the K530-1, K530-2, K530-3, K530-4, K530-5 and K530-6  models of the Magnum 100L welding gun.  The liner is 11 ft long and will feed .023", .024", .025", .030" and .035" diameter wire.  It will feed both solid wire and flux cored wire.


This liner fits the following Model lincoln welders:  SP-100, SP-100T, SP-125 Plus, SP-130T, SP-135 Plus, SP-135T, SP-170, SP-170T, SP-175 Plus, SP-175T, SP-180T,  MIG Pak 10, MIG Pak 15, MIG Pak 140, MIG Pak 180, Power MIG 140C, Power MIG 140T, Power MIG 180C, Power MIG 180T, Pro 100, Pro 155, Pro-MIG 135, Pro-MIG 175, Pro-MIG 180, Weldmark 135 Plus, Weld-Pak 100, Weld-Pak 100HD, Weld-Pak 125, Weld-Pak 125HD, Weld-Pak 140HD, Weld-Pak 155, Weld-PAK 175HD, Weld- Pak 180HD, Weld-Pak 3200HD,  Weld-Pak 5000HD