Stainless Steel ER 308/308L 2lb spool MIG Wire


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For all position welding of austenitic, low carbon 18% Chrome - 8% Nickel stainless steel such as 304L and steel castings of similar composition. This wire may also used for stabilized stainless steels such as 321 and 347.
The low carbon content of this electrode reduces the formation of chromium carbides, protecting the corrosion resistant qualities of the weld deposit.
With good strike and re-striking capability, it delivers smooth arc action with very little spatter and easy slag removal and produces a finely rippled weld bead with a slightly concave shape that needs little or no post weld grinding or polishing.
Use this wire for fabrication and repair of stainless steel equipment in dairy, distillery and restaurant equipment, chemical tanks and chemical engineering applications. It may also be used as a protective overlay on steel where medium hardness and complete corrosion resistance is required.