Mild Steel ER70S-6 .045" X 33 lb welding wire -72 roll pallet


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Inweld's Natweld 70S-6 contains higher levels of manganese and silicon than many other classifications of mild steel wires. The increased Mn and Si content gives stronger deoxidizing power when welding over mild or carbon steel that may have traces of rust or mill scale such as found on structural and plate steels.

Inweld 70S-6 is used for single or multi-pass welding. An excellent choice for sheet metal applications, where the higher silicon content creates excellent “wetting out” properties and produces weld deposits that are essentially flat to slightly convex and require little or no grinding. Weld deposits are x-ray quality.


                                                                                AWS REQUIREMENT                                   INWELD 70S-6

Average As-Welded Brinell Hardness:                  NA                                                                      160

Tensile Strength:                                                    70,000 psi (482 MPa)                                          85,000 psi (586 MPa)

Yield Strength:                                                       58,000 psi (399 MPa)                                          70,000 psi (482 MPa)

Elongation in 2”:                                                    22%                                                                      28%

 Charpy V-Notch at -20°F:                                         20 ft../lbs.                                                             40 ft./lbs