Mild Steel 6010 Welding Electrodes 10lb box

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Single values are maximum unless otherwise specified.

Description and Applications

A deep-penetrating, fast-freeze electrode commonly used for joining pipe, carbon steel, galvanized steel, and some low alloy steels. An excellent choice for pipe welding. Strong forceful arc allows this electrode to be used in all-positions including vertical-up, vertical-down, overhead and flat or horizontal. Performs great vertical down. Used in multiple-pass applications where sound welds are critical. X-ray quality weld deposits with a coarse ripple bead. A thin friable and easily removable slag. Typical applications include: pressure pipes, pressure vessels, oil marine platforms, storage tanks, ship hulls, buildings, and galvanized steel storage tanks.

Typical Weld Metal Properties

                             AWS Spec

Tensile Strength:   60,000 psi
Yield Strength:      48,000 psi
Elongation:            22%

Recommended Parameters

SMAW (DCEP – Electrode+)

Wire Diameter                 Amperage

3/32"                                 60-80

1/8"                                   80-130

5/32"                                 110-170

1/4"                                   140-220