Silicon Bronze 1/16" ERCuSi-A 36" TIG Rod 1 lb.


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1 pound of 1/16" ERCuSi-A Silicon Bronze 36" TIG Rod
AWS A5.7

This Silicon Bronze is a copper based filler metal containing about 3% silicon and may have small percentages of manganese, tin, and zinc. It's typically used for gas-tungsten arc welding and gas-metal arc welding of copper, brass, bronze, steel, galvanized steels and also cast iron. When working with silicon bronze base metal keep the inter-pass temperature below 150° F to minimize hot cracking. Base metals of cast iron may need a preheat of 600° F while copper may need a 400-800° F. The use of a small narrow weld puddle will reduce the contraction stresses and give you a faster cooling during the hot-short temperature range.

Typical Composition:
1.0% Zinc
1.5% Manganese
3.4% Silicon
0.5% Iron
1.0% Tin
Trace amounts of Aluminum and Lead
92.5% Copper

-Tensile Strength: 50,000 PSI
-Melting Point: 1,880 degrees F