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You Can't See When You Are Welding? Here's How to Fix That!

You Can't See When You Are Welding? Here's How to Fix That!

Whether you’re a beginner who wants to learn to weld or have significant welding experience, being able to see the surfaces you’re welding can be a struggle. Obviously, the welder needs to see the seam of the weld and the surrounding area to ensure that the weld is proceeding properly, and that there are not any issues. There can be many different causes of visibility issues, but most of them are pretty easily resolved. In many cases, the solution may just involve the helmet or equipment you use. Let’s take a look at some common reasons for not being able to see a weld—and how to fix them. 

Clean the Lens of the Helmet

In some cases, a welder may not realize how dirty the lens of their welding helmet has become. This is especially true when working in shops that are not kept regularly clean, as it can be incredibly easy for dust and dirt to build up on the lens. It may only take a few welds before there is a layer of dirt on the lens, so be sure to clean it regularly to provide the best visibility. This is something that those new to the trade may commonly overlook when they first learn how to weld.

Auto-Darkening Helmet Adjustment

Some welders may use helmets with auto-darkening capabilities. These can be very useful for protecting the user’s eyes, but they can also be problematic if they are not adjusting properly. There are two things to check when it comes to auto-darkening helmets. Firstly, some helmets’ auto-darkening can be adjusted to suit user needs; just make sure that it still provides adequate eye protection when adjusting the sensitivity. The other common problem is low power batteries. The helmet may not be able to adjust the way it needs to when the battery power is low, so swap the batteries regularly. 

Get a Wider Lens

Most welding helmets can have the lens swapped out for different sizes or darknesses. If the problem is that there is not enough field of view, then the fix may be to just swap it out for a wider lens. This way, the user will be able to see much more of the weld as they work.

Eye Strain

Realistically, doing anything for too long can cause eye strain. There is no easy mechanical fix for eye strain; it just requires taking a break and resting. However, many cases of eye strain may be caused by the welding helmet not darkening enough or transitioning fast enough. This can be adjusted on helmets by decreasing the reaction time. The common suggested reaction time is 1/10,000 seconds, but if this is not working for a particular user, then they may need to adjust it to what works best for them. New users should test this out when they learn to weld so they can properly adjust it early on. 

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