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Free Shipping for USA customers over $50.00
A welder welding with proper safety gear. The image is dark with blue and red hues from the sparks.

The Essential Tools to Weld Like a Pro

A welder welding with proper safety gear. The image is dark with blue and red hues from the sparks.

When you’re gathering the tools for your first weld, you’ll probably have a very lengthy list. Due to the many different methods and hazards of welding, there is a wide range of gear welders need in the field. If you’re looking for the essential tools to weld like a pro, we can help you out. This guide will break down a handful of the most important pieces of equipment for ensuring a safe, quality weld. They may not be the only gear you’ll need but it would be beneficial to have these by your side, or on your face, during your first weld.

Welding Gloves

No matter what kind of welding method you’re using, it will always require welding gloves. They protect your hands from the UV rays, intense heat, sparks, and spatter produced during the welding process. While there is a wide range of welding gloves on the market, the best type around is MIG welding gloves; this is due to their thickness and versatility when it comes to using them with other methods, such as TIG and arc welding.

However, this is merely a suggestion. As long as you have a set of general welding gloves that are not generic safety gloves, you should be good to go.

Auto-Dimming Helmet

Welding typically involves bright lights that can be harmful to the welder if they don’t have the right protection. Instead of trying different welding helmets to find the right one for your needs, go for an auto-dimming helmet instead. These helmets will automatically darken in the presence of bright light. Most auto-dimming helmets also have adjustable settings, meaning you can alter the way in which the helmet reacts to light in your workspace.

Safety Glasses

Welding novices may not realize that safety glasses are one of the essential tools to weld like a pro, but they need to. In fact, you need these to weld, period. Just because you have a welding helmet on doesn’t mean you should not be wearing safety glasses underneath. During the welding process, hot metal can spatter in your workplace, meaning you have to avoid coming into contact with it, or else you’ll experience some very dangerous injuries.

To avoid pieces of metal from floating underneath your helmet and getting in your eyes, find a set of safety glasses that will fit inside your helmet comfortably. Beyond that, you should have multiple safety glasses in your workplace just in case you lose or break a pair.

At Welding for Less, we have a wide range of discount welding supplies online, such as many kinds of welding gloves, auto-dimming helmets, and safety glasses. If you don’t have these three tools by your side when you’re starting your first weld, you’re already starting off on the wrong foot. However, if you have these tools and a variety of other safety gear and welding equipment, you’re ready to head down the path to success.

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