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The Different Types of Welding

The Different Types of Welding

The Different Types of Welding

Welding has been a common practice for many, many years. Along the way, there have been interesting advancements and alterations in how you can achieve proper welding. To help you decide which method you should use for your next project, we’ll break down some of the different types of welding that are readily available.

MIG Welding

MIG welding uses a consumable electrode which is continuously fed into your welding gun. When you activate the welding gun, it will form an electric arc between the electrode and your designated base material. When this happens, the heat from the arc will begin melting the material. Unlike some other forms of welding, you’ll need to supply your shielding gas using external sources.

TIG Welding

Whereas MIG welding uses a consumable electrode, TIG welding does not. The electrode you use for TIG welding is tungsten, which won’t melt during the welding process. The electric arc forms between the tungsten and the base material, which will also heat the filler metal you need to complete the weld. The filler metal is a material you’ll need to apply to the base material during the entire welding process, essentially binding the two materials together. Similar to MIG welding, TIG welding requires an external source for your shielding gas.

Plasma Arc Welding

This form of welding is great if you’re looking for precision and strength, though it’s typically not a DIY kind of welding. For these reasons, plasma arc welding is common in special circumstances such as aircraft manufacturing. During this process, an electric current squeezes its way through a very small nozzle, producing a high-velocity, high-temperature plasma jet stream. The stream forms between the tungsten electrode and the base material with the help of ionizing gases found inside of the arc.

Now that you’re more familiar with some of the different types of welding, you can decide which method is right for you. At Welding For Less, we can provide you with cheap welding supplies that work like a charm to help you achieve the final product you’re hoping to create. Whichever method you choose, it’s key for you to have the right gear so you can stay safe and efficient throughout the whole process.

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