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Welder's Blog

  • November 14, 2022

    What are the Difference Between Mig and Tig Welding

    Mig and Tig Welding are two standard welding techniques used for welding metal? However, there is a significant difference between mig and tig welding methods. This blog will break down the features of each welding process, highlight the benefits and...

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  • September 29, 2022

    Which Gas is Used for Mig Welding?

    An electric arc is used to fuse metals in MIG welding. Although it is utilized in many other sectors, the automobile sector uses it most often. This essay will discuss the many fuel types used for MIG welders and how...

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  • September 23, 2022

    Is Underwater Welding Dangerous?

    The most frequent use of underwater welding is in underwater ship construction. Two underwater welders operate in pairs to construct a building, one on the surface and the other below the water. Learn more about the profession and the requirements...

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