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Free Shipping for USA customers over $50.00
Optrel Softhood Series – Fresh Air in Dusty Environments

Optrel Softhood Series – Fresh Air in Dusty Environments

Optrel announces the launch of the new NIOSH-approved Softhood Series for the e3000x Respiratory Protection System

Optrel, a leading international manufacturer of occupational safety products for the industrial and healthcare sectors, announced the launch of the NIOSH-approved Softhood Series. Paired with the optrel e3000x PAPR blower system, the Softhood Series offers the ultimate in respiratory protection, filtering out 99.8% of smoke, aerosols, dust, viruses, and other toxins. 

The Softhood Series is easily adaptable for various industries, including healthcare, agriculture, dentistry, construction, painting, and woodworking. Made of ultra-lightweight nylon fabric, the durable surface allows for optimal cleaning and disinfecting. The anti-fog coated panoramic visor offers an unrestricted view of the area at all times.

Optrel’s softhood is available in short and long. The short softhood allows for optimal auditory perception and the long softhood offers maximum protection of the entire neck and shoulder area. 

The softhood (paired with the optrel e3000x) utilizes the principle of over-pressure relative to the environment, and prevents contaminated air from entering the respiratory tract. 

It protects against dust and spray mist during various non-toxic operations and is fantastic for use in: 
  • Paint work 
  • Woodworking 
  • Sanding wood/plastic 
  • Soft sandblasting 
  • Agriculture/forestry 
  • Demolition/construction work 
  • Medical/Dental sector 
  • Cosmetics industry 
  • Laboratories 
  • Food industry
Most Important features at a glance: 
  • For use with e3000x (protection level TH3) respiratory protection system only 
  • Lightweight nylon fabric – comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Wide panoramic visor with anti-fog coating 
  • Individually adjustable headgear 
  • No mask Fit Test required (NIOSH approved) 
  • Can be used with facial hair/beards 
  • High standard of hygiene due to complete sanitization and/or replacement ability 
  • Short version: unrestricted acoustic perception as ears remain free
  • Long version: additionally covers the whole neck and shoulder area in case of increased dust exposure

Check out all of our available Optrel Softhoods here.

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