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Free Shipping for USA customers over $50.00
Optrel Helix: The Ultimate Welding Helmet

Optrel Helix: The Ultimate Welding Helmet

The Optrel Helix is the perfect welding helmet for professional welders who demand high-quality protection and comfort during their work. It's packed with advanced features that make it stand out from the competition.


optrel helix welding helmet


The Optrel Helix boasts a revolutionary new design that sets it apart from traditional welding helmets. Its unique shape allows for a wider and clearer field of vision, providing better visibility and reducing eye strain. This is particularly useful for welders who need to work in tight spaces or intricate positions. The no compromise design allows you to slide up to adjust to your job with ease. 

The helmet also features a high-performance auto-darkening lens that automatically adjusts to the intensity of the welding arc. This means that you can continue your work without stopping to adjust the lens. This will help increase your productivity & save time. The lens also provides a crystal-clear view of your work, due to Optrel's patented Twilight technology.


helix in action

The Optrel Helix is also comfortable to wear for extended periods. It's lightweight and ergonomically IsoFit design reduces fatigue. It features an adjustable headband and chin strap for a custom fit. The helmet also comes with a sweatband to absorb moisture and keep you dry, which is essential when working in hot and humid conditions.

In addition to its impressive features, the Optrel Helix is built to be durable and convenient. It's made from high-quality materials that can withstand the wear and tear of a welders day, and it's backed by Optrel's reputation for reliability and durability.

 helix in action


Order your Optrel Helix today and receive a FREE backpack with purchase!

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