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How a Plasma Cutter Machine Works

How a Plasma Cutter Machine Works

How a Plasma Cutter Machine Works

There are many ways to complete a welding project. Some folks unfamiliar with the subject may assume it’s as simple as using a welding torch to melt and bind metal, but it’s much more complex than that. One of the most unique and powerful forms of welding employs a plasma cutter. To help educate you on why this welding method is so effective, we’ll break down how a plasma cutter machine works. Depending on what you’re planning on welding, this may prove to be a useful way of completing your work.

Many people are familiar with the three states of matter: liquid, solid, and gas. Fewer people are familiar with a fourth state of matter, which is plasma—a hot, ionized, and electrically conductive gas. When you begin operating a plasma cutter machine, it will start emitting compressed gas through the torch. This gas can be made of shop air, nitrogen, oxygen, or argon. Whichever gas you choose to work with, it will forcefully make its way through a very small, constrictive nozzle.

This tiny nozzle helps create a precise, dense stream of gas. However, at this point in the process, it’s just that: gas. To create plasma, you must use your power supply to send an electric charge through the stream of gas. Using an electric arc to heat the gas, a “plasma jet” will begin emitting from the nozzle. This high-speed gas can then assist you in melting through most metals with ease and precision. Plasma cutting is typically not used for DIY purposes but is popular in large facilities. It’s specifically useful for the automotive, aircraft, and construction industries.

Now that you know how a plasma cutter machine works, you can decide whether it’s a good call to install one in your facility. However, if you’re in need a of a plasma cutter machine, Welding for Less is here to help. We can help you obtain welding tech, such as plasma cutter machines, at easily affordable prices.

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