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Free Shipping for USA customers over $50.00
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Comparing Surgical Masks and N95 Respirators


In today's age of the Coronavirus, choosing the right mask is an important process for everyone. There are many options for individuals to choose from, but two of the most popular choices are surgical masks or N95 respirators. So, what exactly makes these masks different from each other? Don't worry − we've collected all of the facts about these masks to help you make the decision.

Surgical Masks

Surgical masks are often referred to as face masks. These masks are fluid-resistant, have a comfortable fit, made from polypropylene and are designed for single use. The design is to create a barrier between between the environment and the person wearing the mask. The main focus of this mask is to prevent the wearer from spreading the disease.

N95 Respirators

The N95 masks are actually considered respirators, as they can filter out large and small particles, making them more efficient than surgical face masks. The edges of the mask form a seal around the face for maximum protection. Much like the surgical mask, these are fluid resistant, comfortable, and designed for single use. The main focus of this mask is to protect the wearer from the disease with a tight fit.

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