Pure TIG Welding Tungsten Electrodes 3/16” ( Green ) Free Shipping

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Arc Union Pure Tig welding Tungsten electrodes 5 pack

Pure tungsten electrode is the earliest use of electrodes in TIG welding. It contains tungsten content minimum 99.5%, without other impurities.Pure tungsten electrode is only as welding electrode under the condition of AC or resistance welding electrode. It can clean surface of base metal, welded ball become tapering when heating. This shape provides a good and balanced wave form for AC welding.

Pure tungsten electrode has a very high electron output, low vapor pressure, low resistance, good conductivity, thermal expansion, high elastic modulus bright. Therefore, stable arc at low currents, even as low below the 5A. It also does the welding aluminum, magnesium and other.

But the emission of electron demands high voltage and high no-load voltage of welding machine. The tungsten electrode is burned apparently if it works in the high current for a long time. The end may drop into molten pool after melting, which will bring the tungsten into the welding gap. So, it’s just used for welding some black metal or welding the unimportant parts.