Masterweld MASTERWELD - LINCOLN - MINI 10 Magnum 100L MIG Gun Replacement, 150A


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This is a great replacement for the magnum 100 gun that comes standard on the sp series and powering 140/180 series of Lincoln welders. Manufactured with rugged cable support use standard twice style consumables. Comes with: 11-30 contact tip, 51 gas diffuser, 21-50 nozzle & 35-40-15 liner. 10' 150amp mini style mig gun it fits all of the following models: Sp-100, sp-100t, sp-125 plus, sp-130t, sp-135 plus, sp-135t, sp-170, sp-170t, sp-175 plus, sp-175t, mig pack 10, mig pack 15, pro 100, pro 155, pro-mig 135, pro-mig 175, weld mark 135 plus, weld-pack 100, weld-pack 100hd, weld-pack 125, weld-pack 155, weld-pack 3200hd, weld-pack 5000hd, powering 140t & 140c, powering 180c this mw gun is a direct replacement for the k530-5, k530-4, k530-3, k530-2 and k530-1 magnum 100 L welding guns and uses all the same tips, nozzles, and diffusers as the oem gun. **If you own an older machine that does not use an Amphenol plug, you can simply cut off the plug, strip back the two wires and crimp on the spades that are included. **.