2 lb Roll ER70S-6 Mild Steel MIG Welding Weld Wire


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A Brand new Inweld 2 lb roll of  steel welding wire. This wire is used with 75% argon/25% CO2, or 100% CO2 shielding gas. This a 4" diameter spool which has the standard 5/8" spindle hole. Note, this is precision layer wound wire, not random wound!!  Precision layer wound is like a spool of thread, each revolution is next to the other, which feeds better and provides a more consistant wire feed rate.

This is an exceptional value, and works in any mig welder that accepts a 2 lb 4" diameter spool. The center mounting hole is the standard 5/8" diameter mounting hole. This wire is also great for use in all spool guns. 

0.023" diameter wire is the best diameter for doing thin sheet metal, and depending on your welder will allow you to go up to 3/16" to 1/4" material, depending on your application and the amperage of your welder.  This wire costs a little more than larger diameters, but can not be beat for minimizing warpage and distortion on thin sheet metal, and giving you a nice smooth arc that will lay down flat.