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Free Shipping for USA customers over $50.00
The Optrel Panoramaxx CLT – What is Crystal Lens Technology?

The Optrel Panoramaxx CLT – What is Crystal Lens Technology?

The Optrel Panoramaxx CLT welding helmet has hit the market and is becoming a popular choice for welders around the globe. So, what's all the fuss about this new technology? This Optrel helmet is the ultimate upgrade with key features such as crystal lens technology, a panorama field of view 6x, and ISOFIT headgear!

Crystal Lens Technology

What is crystal lens technology (CLT) and how does it work? CLT provides welders with vision of an unclouded clear workspace while also showing true colors. The combination of color and a clear view allows welders to see whats really going on and their work will benefit from it. The CLT helmet also offers the brightest level of light transmission (2.0) – at 31%. Once you put on this helmet for the first time, you'll immediately notice the color difference. 

On the left you'll notice the view from other helmets while the CLT view is on the right hand side. The difference is undeniable!

ISOFIT Headgear

What's so special about the ISOFIT headgear? Aside from comfort, ISOFIT fits individuals perfectly with outer and inner headgear layers, an adjustable forehead stabilizer, height adjustment, an adjustable backhead stabilizer, an adjustable liner fit system, and quick release button. The headgear is also equipped with wide surface comfort pads and adjusts for the perfect fit!

The Optrel Panoramaxx CLT Welding Helmet with ISOFIT Headgear is designed for comfortability, control, and improving the health and performance of welders everywhere. You can check out the helmets here!

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