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Important Things To Remember Before You Start Welding

Important Things To Remember Before You Start Welding

Welding is a rewarding career where you can find good pay and a way to break into a selection of major industries; automotive, aerospace, and construction are only a few of the options you have. Outside of a career choice, welding is also a great hobby, giving you a creative way to build household materials such as coffee tables, shelves, and lawn ornaments. Before beginning your first weld, there are a few essentials you should know. Read this helpful guide to find three important things to remember before you start welding.

Match Method To Skill Level

There’s a diverse selection of welding methods experts use across many industries, from construction to aerospace and beyond. Beginners might assume that they should hone their skills by practicing one method of their choosing. In some ways, that’s a correct assumption. However, beginners should start practicing with MIG welding specifically. TIG welding is great, but it’s tough for even knowledgeable welders to perfect.

MIG is quick and easy to learn, teaching newcomers the welding basics in a straightforward way. Plus, MIG welding has many applications; it’s not a skill you’ll toss away when you move onto TIG, stick, or other welding methods. This is one of the most important things to remember before you start welding because beginning your education on the right foot is invaluable.

PPE Is Non-Negotiable

If you don’t know already, welding PPE (personal protective equipment) is a must-have for any task. In this industry, PPE includes welding helmets, safety goggles, fireproof attire (leather jacket, pants, gloves, etc.), and more. Ignoring PPE should never be an option—welding is incredibly hazardous. Between the sparks emitting from the workpiece, the harmful flashes coming from the torch, and the toxic fumes filling the air, welders must defend themselves from many dangers. Luckily, these hazards and more are avoidable with the right PPE and preparation.

PPE May Vary

Because welding methods vary in key ways, so do the PPE workers have to wear for each task. Before welding, be sure you know exactly what that specific method calls for. That way, you can remain safe and functional all the way through. For example, TIG welding is a much cleaner method than others. As a result, leather jackets made from deerskin, goatskin, and kidskin offer enough flexibility and protection during TIG welding tasks. On the other hand, stick welding is a particularly messy method, so you’ll need a more durable but comfortable jacket material like cowhide or elkskin. There’s a wide selection of welding safety equipment on the market; always be sure you have the right set for the task at hand.

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