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What To Know When Buying Welding Gloves

What To Know When Buying Welding Gloves

Buying welding gloves isn’t as easy as grabbing the first pair you see and putting them on. There are different welding methods, and each one calls for a specific type of welding glove to provide the right amount of protection from hazards like sparks and heat. Use this guide on what to know when buying welding gloves to avoid purchasing the wrong pair for the job.

Remember Your Welding Method

The kind of leather you should look for in a welding glove depends on the type of welding. TIG welding calls for goatskin or deerskin gloves. These materials will allow you to retain the right amount of control necessary for TIG welding, while being durable enough to keep you safe from burns and other injuries. TIG welding isn’t a method that produces a high amount of spatter, so heavy-duty welding gloves made from cowhide or pigskin aren’t necessary.

Those thicker types of leather welding gloves are appropriate for stick and MIG welding. Stick welding in particular requires heavy-duty gloves because of the heat and spatter produced. MIG welding also creates a significant amount of spatter and heat.

Keep Comfort in Mind

To handle the welding equipment with precision and care, you need comfortable gloves. Although you shouldn’t sacrifice protection for comfort, it’s important to find a glove with both qualities instead of just one. Your hands shouldn’t feel cramped inside the glove. They should fit inside smoothly and comfortably. That being said, be wary of buying welding gloves that are too big, because that can hinder your dexterity while welding. Finding a happy middle on all fronts will help you maximize comfort, control, and safety.

Now that you’re more familiar with what to know when buying welding gloves, you can avoid investing in the wrong protective gear. Visit our welding safety equipment section to find high-quality gear like welding gloves, jackets, and helmets.

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