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Understanding The Benefits of TIG Welding

Understanding The Benefits of TIG Welding

TIG welding is generally considered a complex method to perfect, but it can produce welds of the highest quality when properly implemented. To choose the technique that works best for you, you first need to understand the benefits of TIG welding.


Perhaps the most notable benefit of TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding lies in its precision of control. The TIG welder is smaller than tools that aid in other welding methods, making it incredibly versatile and maneuverable. While this may be an adjustment for welders who have only worked with larger torches, mastering this technique will prove invaluable for a welder at any experience level.


The precision of control a TIG welding torch offers allows you to use a wide variety of materials in your welds. An essential component to the torch is the foot pedal that allows for the regulation of amperage, which will give you a bigger range in which you can work. A low amperage of about 30 is great for welding thin sheet metal, while pumping it up for 300 is effective for welding 1-inch-thick material. At Welding for Less, you can find many TIG welding accessories to aid you in utilizing this dynamic welding method.


Using TIG welding makes it incredibly easy to know which kind of gas you need to power it. While several different types of gas will work, the most widely used is argon due to its versatile utility. You can use argon to great effect on just about any material you can weld. Due to the natural abundance of argon in the air, it also proves more affordable than most other gasses used in welding. In addition, argon also produces a very desirable and aesthetic look in its welds.

When you’re looking to choose a welding method, it may help to consider using TIG welding. After you’ve mastered this technique, you will experience a great degree of control and the ability to weld a wide range of materials using just one gas. Hopefully, now that you have a good understanding of the benefits of TIG welding, you are better equipped to select the best welding method for your project.

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