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How To Make Your Welding Equipment Last Longer

How To Make Your Welding Equipment Last Longer

Many different pieces of welding equipment require replacement after a while. Thankfully, there are ways to minimize the window between buying gear and replacing it. By reading the quick guide below, you can learn how to make your welding equipment last longer.

Consistent Maintenance

Between consumables and PPE, there’s a lot of welding equipment available. The exact equipment you use for welding depends on the specific application. Although welding equipment varies from task to task, one aspect that remains the same among them all is the need for maintenance. Each piece of welding gear requires consistent care, repairs, and other manufacturer-recommended upkeep.

For instance, welding torch tips and nozzles require routine cleaning to prevent buildup from hindering their performance. Likewise, liners can accrue damage or dust buildup, both of which are far from ideal scenarios. By reading manufacturer specifications and conducting the right preventative maintenance when necessary, you’re making a big impact on the lifespan of your gear. Learning how to make your welding equipment last longer goes beyond maintenance—how you use equipment in the field affects its lifespan immensely.

Careful Handling

From your welding helmets to the torches and beyond, proper handling is essential. If you’re constantly bumping your welding torch into the wall or worktable, you can knock time off its lifespan. To keep welding cables and hoses free of entanglement, use some sturdy welding reels while you’re working. Furthermore, to guarantee optimal performance, don’t be reckless with your equipment. While this might sound obvious to some long-time welders, it’s easy for newcomers to slip up in this department.

Aside from while you’re using the gear, proper handling also refers to storage conditions. For example, humidity can damage consumables such as electrodes. To prevent humidity from hurting electrodes, store them in a rod oven when you’re not using them. Likewise, set up storage spaces for torches, welding machines, and protective gear to keep them away from dust, dirt, or physical damage.

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