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How To Extend the Life of Your MIG Welding Contact Tip

How To Extend the Life of Your MIG Welding Contact Tip

MIG welding contact tips are going to wear down and require replacement—it’s inevitable. That said, the right preparation and handling procedures can help welders boost the lifespan of their contact tips because even seemingly small factors can make a big difference. By reading the three points below, you can learn how to extend the life of your MIG welding contact tip successfully.

Proper Handling Procedures

Even if you have all the right gear at all the right settings, poor handling can hinder your contact tip’s lifespan. Ensure you’re carrying out actions such as using the proper gun liner, carefully installing the liner, monitoring power cables for any kinks, and trimming liner length when necessary. Refusing to do one or all of these tasks can lower the lifespan of welding contact tips. Of course, banging the contact tip against nearby surfaces or neglecting to store them correctly can also minimize their lifespan, so avoid such actions as well.

Minimizing Spatter Presence

Spatter is the molten metal that can cling to your MIG gun during welds. Suffice it to say, that’s not ideal if you’re trying to keep that contact tip around for a while. Thankfully, there are wire brushes and other spatter-cleaning gear welders can use to regularly inspect and clean their contact tips after use, keeping the tip’s lifespan healthy. Another step welders can take to minimize spatter’s effect on contact tips is coating it with an anti-spatter spray. For example, at Welding for Less, we carry anti-spatter spray and nozzle dip from Inweld, each of which can minimize the damaging effects of spatter on your nozzles, contact tips, and other essential components.

Lower Operating Temperatures

High operating temperatures have a significant impact on contact tip life expectancy. If you can avoid operating at particularly high temperatures, this will reflect in a longer lifespan for the contact tip. Methods for lowering operating temperatures while welding includes using water-cooled MIG guns and high-quality consumables. Higher quality consumables can carry a higher price tag than their lower quality counterparts, but they also carry impressive durability in the presence of intense welding temperatures.

Now that you know how to extend the life of your MIG welding contact tip, you can avoid having to replace them at an excessive rate. Thankfully, replacing contact tips is very easy when it comes time to do so. Welders can easily find various MIG welding accessories such as contact tips, gas hoses, and more at affordable prices.

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