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20 Welding Projects You Can Do Around the House

20 Welding Projects You Can Do Around the House

If you want to use your welding skills to make some decorative changes at home, there are plenty of projects you can choose. This list of 20 welding projects you can do around the house showcases the diverse ways you can use these skills to create a comfortable living space.

Animal/Insect Sculpture

If you’d like to create some stylish art, animal or insect sculptures make great yard décor—and they don’t have to be incredibly realistic. Even if you don’t have a garden, animal and insect lovers in general can create these sculptures to set up in their bedroom, home office, or anywhere else they desire.


To create a social space, you can weld two benches and set them around a firepit in the yard. If you have a nice porch out front that could use some comfortable seating, you can place the benches there instead.


Decorative bowls containing seashells, fruit, pinecones, or other materials can be great additions to your interior design. With some stainless steel and patience, building a bowl can be a fun and simple task.


You’ll need to find some cozy cushions to put on them, but the chair frame, you can weld yourself. Whether you need seats outdoors or around a table indoors, it’s the perfect DIY welding project.

Coffee Table

You can weld together the steel frame, but don’t use metal for the tabletop. Instead, place a piece of wood on top. This wood makes for a visually interesting contrast to the steel while imbuing the room with a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Consider using this same method when putting together benches, with the steel functioning as your frame and the wood acting as your seat.

Dinner Table

With a sturdy steel frame and a classy wood tabletop, you can put together a relaxing area to enjoy meals with the family.


A fireplace is a great source of warmth, but it can be dangerous. Thankfully, fireguards can protect you and your family from the intense heat of a fireplace. Use steel to build the legs and pit. Once you build it, whenever you have guests over for drinks or smores, you’ll have a source of light and warmth for the occasion.

Firewood Rack

Instead of allowing firewood to clutter randomly around the house, build a rack for it. After getting two U-shaped pieces of metal and some structural support, you’re ready to forge suitable firewood storage.

Flower Sculpture

If you’d prefer sculpting a flower instead of an animal or insect, you can do that with some scrap metal and welding tools by your side. Placing a metal flower in your yard creates an attractive focal point. Just like insect or animal sculptures, metal flowers don’t have to be an extremely detailed interpretation. Take as much creative liberty as you desire.


Welding a gate isn’t the easiest project, but it’s another great way to create a stylish focal point outside. Plus, if you’d like some extra privacy and security, a durable fence can help you with that as well. Welding fences around your home is also a viable project that pairs well with a gate, though it will be equally challenging.


Like gates and fences, welding ramps can be tough. However, some folks use them for various reasons. For instance, if you ever need to improve the wheelchair accessibility of your home, you can weld a suitable ramp. And any car enthusiast who likes to repair or rebuild these vehicles knows that having a suitable car ramp is key. When welding car ramps, consider the size of the vehicles you handle. The larger the car is, the larger and stronger the ramp must be.


Shelves are perfect for organizing materials, whether they’re books, tools, or awards. You can grab some metal tubing to create a strong frame and use a sleek piece of wood to act as the shelf’s surface. If you prefer, you can use steel for the surface.


Anyone who loves barbecuing should have a good smoker by their side. Smoking meat creates a mouthwatering aroma and strong, excellent flavor. A DIY smoker is no easy task, but if you’re willing to give it a shot, it can improve your barbecuing experience tenfold.


Stools are the best seats for setting up around a bar or a kitchen counter. Unlike smokers, building stools is very easy and allows you to let your creativity thrive. With some strong structural support, you can create various seating options. Construct the top of the stool out of metal, wood, or a cushion—whichever suits your needs.


You can use metal trays for holding jewelry, car keys, and other small objects for which you lack sufficient storage space. A metal tray can help you keep track of smaller items around the house.


Trellises offer a great place for vines in your garden to grow. Welding a trellis can be easy, but the size of it depends on the size of your plants and the design you want. You can build a basic trellis, or you can treat it like an art piece, sculpting it using various shapes and patterns to make it stand out in a stunning way.


Working flowers into your interior design can help warm up a living space. If you want to bring some flowers indoors, you’ll need a suitable vase. Luckily, if you have some steel, you can build a vase yourself. If you need something aesthetically pleasing to spruce up your coffee table, a nice vase with some vivid flowers is the way to go.

Welding Workbench

Any welder should take a shot at welding their own workbench. It puts your skills to the test while giving you the chance to build your workspace in a way that fits your specific needs.

Wood Stove

An alternative to an outdoor fire pit is a high-quality, classy wood stove. If you want a wood stove, welding one yourself is helpful because they can get expensive.

These 20 welding projects you can do around the house can help with various issues. To build these materials properly, make sure to gather all the necessary gear beforehand, such as a TIG welding torch and other essentials. With the right tools, you can complete welding tasks with the quality and reliability they require.

20 Welding Projects You Can Do Around the House
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